We are problem solvers. We are forward thinking. We are strategic partners.

Founded in 2013, Oryx has transitioned from a start-up asset to a full-service, growth-oriented midstream company. In October 2021, Oryx merged its assets, operations, and commercial activities into a newly formed joint venture with Plains All American, Plains Oryx Permian Basin. Through its role on Plains Oryx Permian Basin's joint operating committee and board, Oryx provides critical oversight on material joint venture operating and commercial decisions.

We have a long history of taking on difficult projects because we see the market advantages. We also understand that our customers’ success translates into our success. To that end, we see ourselves as a true partner, offering superior customer service, aligning ourselves with producers’ needs and schedules, and executing in a timely, safe and efficient way.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and understand that we could not have done it or continue to do it without the support of so many stakeholders. While we have met many important milestones over the years, there is more work to be done as we continue to aggressively grow Oryx together.”

– Brett Wiggs, Oryx CEO